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Skills Assessment

Players participating in Minors Player Pitch and above attend skills assessment for coaches to evaluate their overall baseball skills in order to ensure teams are balanced.

Players may also be evaluated to move up/down divisions based on skill and team sizes.

Is this a tryout?

No. All players are welcome! We want to avoid unbalanced teams in order to improve the competition & experience for players.

Should my player attend if they signed up for Minors Coach/Machine Pitch?

Only if you are considering a move up to Minors Player Pitch.

What should my player bring?

Bat, glove, hitting gloves, batting helmet, and athletic attire. Cleats are optional (indoor facility).

Spring 2024

Sunday, March 10
4650 West 120th Avenue Suite 200
Westminster, CO 80031


Gap2Gap Waiver


Please plan on getting there by 4:30pm. We do not expect to take the entire 2.5 hours. Here is the general flow:


All of the parents and players register in the "conference room" area. It's right off the lobby as that would give them a good flow to check in, get their number and ask any questions.

Next, parents make sure their player has everything and will pass them off to a volunteer that is standing on the turf outside of the conference.

The player will go with the volunteer and they will put ALL of their stuff in a designated cage.

Warm Up & Preparation

A volunteer will have players go in the back open area and wait for all of the other players to show up. They will begin to stretch out while waiting.

Once everyone is mostly checked in, a league representative will talk to the players about the process- that this is more of an assessment than a tryout, review the league code of conduct, safety, players need to follow and listen and try their best, etc.

Gap2Gap will take all of the players through the flow of the assessment - where to go, what they will be doing at each station, etc. Players will be organized by ages in lines.


Players will do a quick practice sprint once (warm up). The second time through will be timed.


After running, each player will go into the cage where they have their stuff and grab their bat/batting gloves and helmets and get in a line.
- There will be 1 cage where they warm up off of tees and some front toss.

From there, they will rotate into a cage where I'll throw live and they will get 5-6 swings (coaches will all be lined up outside/along side of the cage). Gap2Gap will call out numbers before the kids walk into the cage to hit.


Once they finish hitting players go back into the cage where they have their stuff and grab their glove and go in the back open area.

They will play catch (20 or so throws) to warm up and then they get in line outside of the open area. Players will take 5 ground balls (3 at them, 1 to their side, 1 slow roller).  Coaches will sit outside the area where they throw the balls to evaluate.


Players will get their gear on and start to warm up in a cage where they hit off tees. One pair at a time.

After warmed up, they will go into the cage where they hit and pitch in front of coaches - throw about 5 pitches.

All done!

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