Boundary Description

• Beginning at the intersection of Colorado Highway 128 (120th Avenue) and Colorado Highway 93 travel south on Colorado Highway 93 to 6th Avenue

• Travel southeast on 6th Avenue to Interstate 70

• Travel east on Interstate 70 to Ward Road

• Travel north on Ward Road to 64th Avenue

• Travel west on 64th Avenue to Indiana Street

• Travel north on Indiana Street to 80th Avenue

• Travel east on 80th Avenue to Simms Street

• Travel north on Simms Street to West 86th Parkway

• Travel east on West 86th Parkway to 88th Avenue, (West 86th Parkway becomes West 88th Avenue at Kipling Street)

• Travel east on 88th Avenue to Sheridan Boulevard.

• Travel north on Sheridan Boulevard to Dillon Road (144th Avenue).

• Travel west on Dillon Road, (144th Avenue) to the intersection of US Highway 287 and Northwest Parkway.

• Travel southwest on Northwest Parkway to Interlocken Loop (Northwest Parkway becomes Interlocken Loop)

• Travel south on Interlocken Loop to Colorado Highway 128, (120th Avenue)

• Travel west on Colorado Highway 128, (120th Avenue) to Colorado Highway 93

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